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We manufacture a full range of harvesting machines and trailers for the fresh and processed markets

Self Propelled Harvester

Self propelled, up to 20mph on road, 60 metres per hour in field mode. Selectable two-wheeled drive, and two and four-wheeled steer. Up to 9 metres long and up to 6 metres wide. Any type of harvesting unit can be fitted to the front.

image of Self Propelled Harvester
Inside of Self Propelled Machine

A wide range of layouts are available, depending on the product and the type of packaging.

image of Inside of Self Propelled Machine
Tractor Based Cropmaster

Built with heavy duty steel or plastic chains. The harvesting arm is standard at 6 metres long from the tractor centre line to take in a 12 metre bed system. it is hydraulically folded for road mode, and the chain is hydraulically driven with variable speed.

image of Tractor Based Cropmaster

Range between 8 and 16 pallet capacity. Single or tandem axle with or without suspension.

image of Trailers
Slewing Carts - Fresh

Body 9 metres long, which turns through 90 degrees from road to field mode.

Folding walkway and box rack, extendable to work within a 12metre tramline system.

image of Slewing Carts - Fresh
Slewing Carts - Processed

Flat bed with tipping capability to facilitate placing in bulk bins.

image of Slewing Carts - Processed
Slewing Cart with Floretting unit

Trailers incorporate hand held floretting units for brassicas and cauliflowers used by the freezing industry.

image of Slewing Cart with Floretting unit
Driverless System

Removes the driver from the cab.
Through simple to use electronic buttons it is possible to stop and start the tractor, control speed and steer left and right.

image of Driverless System
Mangnus Cabbage Harvesters

The Mangnus Cabbage Harvester has been specially designed to harvest cabbages without damage. The feed mechanism gently picks up and guides the cabbages through the machine and the depth adjustment and special drive mechanism allows the cabbages to be precisely cut.

image of Mangnus Cabbage Harvesters
Deman Brussel Sprout Harvesters

VHS are the sole agents in the UK for the Deman Harvester. It can be used as a tractor based wrap round, self propelled or trailed.
Can be 2, 3 or 4 row machines complete with 6 knife heads.

image of Deman Brussel Sprout Harvesters
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